Welcome to ‘My ITIL Journey’

Hi there!

I’m Kerrin and this is my journey.

Haha, in the right voice, it could sound really interesting 🙂  But, to be honest, most people probably couldn’t think of anything worse than reading a blog about implementing best-practice processes in the area of IT Service Management.

However, I am hoping that over time, My ITIL Journey will help fill the gap between the sites that are simply regurgitating headings from the official ITIL books, calling them templates or passing them off as helpful information and the sites that assume you have been studying ITIL for the last twenty years and are only looking for somewhere to debate the finer points of specific definitions in use or some such thing.

ITIL is a guideline designed to be adopted and adapted as required.  What you’ll find here is the path taken ‘at that point in time’.  It’s by no means perfect nor a recipe that others can follow verbatim.  But, it will give you an insight into one interpretation, one approach, one adaptation that will hopefully go some way in helping you develop your path.

My ITIL Journey consists of:

Blog (https://myitiljourney.wordpress.com/)

Here you’ll find my regular updates on what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, what worked well and what didn’t work quite as well.  There will also be a growing resource of example documents (real examples that have been sanitised for publishing).

Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/myitiljourney/)

For those that prefer, you can also catch up on all blog posts, shared resources and more on the Facebook Page.

Twitter (https://twitter.com/MyITILJourney/)

Follow on Twitter for my stream of random thoughts, blog updates and links to the greatest ITIL minds on the planet.

Delicious (https://www.delicious.com/myitiljourney/)

My hand-picked selection of ITIL resources – blogs, videos, PDFs and more.

Tumblr (http://myitiljourney.tumblr.com/)

And finally, on Tumblr you’ll find funny, quirky, oddly interesting snippets collected and shared during my ITIL journey.

Whichever platform you choose, pop in and say hi 🙂


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