Getting started on ‘My ITIL Journey’

Many organisations start their ITIL journey with the service desk.  Pretty soon you’ll be required to define your services in a Service Catalogue.    The Service Catalogue consists of the Business Service Catalogue (the customer view) and the Technical Service Catalogue (non-customer focused, relationships to other services) and is part of the Service Portfolio.

Information about services for the Service Catalogue ‘should’ be readily available as it is developed through the Service Design phase.  In many cases though, it is quite a challenge to pull together information from various units in your organisation and then work through the process of defining the ‘official’ set of services that will be included in the Service Catalogue.  At this point, the Service Catalogue can be fleshed out to include the appropriate information.

The IT Skeptic has linked to Sample ITIL Service Catalogue documents on his blog and there are some great gems of information in the comments section too.

And this is where ‘My ITIL Journey’ is starting – working on the two components of the Service Catalogue.  At a high level, our steps will be:

  • Gather the relevant documentation (where it exists) and develop documentation to cover the gaps)
  • Develop a framework to provide a common place to publish a consistent set of information about each service
  • Define the customer-facing services and the resource/infrastructure-facing services
  • Develop the Technical Service Catalogue
  • Develop the Business Service Catalogue
  • Publish the Service Catalogue
  • Continue to develop the framework to incorporate the full service lifecycle in a Service Portfolio.

Right now, we are in the midst of the first two steps and will be adding interesting and helpful links on Delicious and building up the Service Design Package template as we go along.


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