Finding the right tools

What a minefield!  So many tools to choose from.

To keep things simple we are using Confluence from Atlassian.  Confluence is a cross between a wiki, a blog and a document management tool that also has (internal) social networking features.  It has what is known as Spaces  and each space can consist of pages, blog posts, conversations, attachments, diagrams and more.

Things we like about Confluence for the purpose of our IT Service and System information:

  • Support for Space and Page templates – helps streamline the setup required for each service and ensures consistency
  • Great plugin support – for example the Gliffy plugin for infrastructure diagrams and the JIRA plugin
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to use and easy to access (web based)
  • Ability to export to Word and PDF on the fly (to share system information with a third party when outsourcing)

At this point in our journey, it is working really well for us and proving very useful already.



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